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February 2010

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im_not_at_home in rebwriting

Drinking With Coworkers

Title: Drinking With Coworkers
Characters: Jennifer, her unnamed coworker
Rating: R (language, death, etc)
Word Count: 364
Notes: Written for week 1 prompt: instep

As a rule Jennifer didn’t go out to drink with co-workers. With good reason. She hated all of them. The feeling was mutual. And it seemed like everyone in her town was a pissy violent drunk.
At the bar that one particular night Jennifer added a category of people absolutely, on pain of death, never to go drinking with – coworkers who are grieving parents.

Drunken people talk too much about their problems, in her opinion. And most of their problems were self-inflicted. Likewise, parents talk too much about their kids. Add grief on top of it, and all of a sudden, you have to hear everything that the child’s ever done. The good, the bad, the gross. Even if the little one didn’t make it to the bed-wetting phase.

It was heartless but Jen didn’t care about her co-worker’s dead kid. She had worked as a mortician for almost a decade. Young, old, rich, poor, everyone dies. That was a fact that she accepted early on. The fact that her co-worker constantly called her names and was always trying to get her fired, made it hard for Jen to sympathize or even feel enough pity to do more than tolerate her presence. The woman was vile.

Her co-worker was a piss poor parent too, the kid was probably better off dead anyway the way she saw it. The older son of her coworker was a pothead, a delinquent, and rumor had it, he even knocked up a couple local girls. And the grieving mother didn’t normally even need an occasion to out and get shit-faced. Now that Jen thought of it, it had been a wonder the kid hadn’t accidentally offed himself before.

Hearing the woman drunkenly sob about how she wished it had been Jen who died instead, that really made her night. Nothing was nicer than a woman who couldn’t manage polysyllabic words telling you that your make-up and clothing mean that you’re obviously a Satanist and the reason why her unsupervised child drowned. But by the end, she took pity on the other woman, drove her to her home across town, and made sure she got to bed safe and sound.


I like how unapologetic this character is. :-)